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Acer Color FilmScanner Driver

The scanner from Acer, which will be a subject of the today's review, has . Note that the Adobe Photoshop has scanty possibilities of working with a bit color. VueScan is the best way to get your Acer/BenQ ScanWit S working on Can't find a driver for your Acer/BenQ ScanWit S? Color g: FilmScanner. Acer ScanWit S overview and full product specs on CNET. film scanner (35 mm) color. Scan Element Type. CCD. Scan Speed. 40 sec/page (color).


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Acer Color FilmScanner Driver

The Review Who am I to be reviewing a scanner anyway?

Scanner for Acer ScanWit S Film Scanner

For all you know I might not know a film scanner from a hole in the ground. I've had a passion for photography practically ever Acer Color FilmScanner I can remember.

I've trained and hold qualifications in both Photography and Electronics, and I've worked professionally in both fields. For over 25 years I've produced conventional photographic colour and black and white prints, and for the last five years I've been scanning those prints and using Photoshop to edit them. Scanning directly from film Acer Color FilmScanner the next natural progression.

One of the few innate talents that I was born with Acer Color FilmScanner a naturally good eye for colour and I have a distaste for bad colour reproduction; I have to look away every time I pass one of those minilabs spewing out their appalling prints. So; I think I can just about tell a scanner from a hole in the ground, and a good scan from a bad one. Sample scans from the Scanwit For those of you with a short attention span that can't be bothered to read the words: There are scans here from both slides and negatives, and apart from some adjustment to the gamma or tone curve in the scanner's Acer Color FilmScanner acquisition software, they are "as is" straight from the scanner.

Acer ScanWit 2720S scanner Film Scanner Review

No sharpening or colour enhancement has been applied to any of these sample images. Technical stuff All of the 35mm originals were scanned full frame at dpi, the maximum resolution of the Acer Color FilmScanner, with 36 bit colour depth, giving 54 Mb files of by pixels!

These were then converted to 24 bits in Photoshop and reduced in size to approximately Acer Color FilmScanner by While they were at maximum resolution a small section was cut out of each image, and then pasted into the final image as a highlighted inset at the bottom right-hand corner. This allows you to see the original detail and judge the sharpness of the scanner for yourself.

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All of the following images have been tested on several Acer Color FilmScanner, with monitors of varying size, age, and quality, and have a satisfactory appearance on most of them. If they don't look OK on your system, your monitor may be in need of calibration or adjustment. The pictures were chosen to show a good range of colour and a wide tonal range rather than any pictorial merit.

The slides especially were selected to show how much shadow detail is obtainable and the lack of noise in Acer Color FilmScanner shadow areas.

These files are quite large, and can take a long time to download. Slide No.

Acer Scanwit s Review

Please Click here Now on to the wordy bit, where I give you my hopefully un-biased opinion of Acer's scanner and its Software. I've made no concessions to the Acer's low price in my criticism of it, and I haven't pulled any punches; if something Acer Color FilmScanner wrong, it's wrong, no matter how much or how little you've paid for it. Please remember that it takes a lot of words to describe even a small shortcoming, and the amount of space devoted to a problem may not be proportional to its importance in the overall functioning of the equipment.

Installation The thing that first impressed me when I unpacked Acer Color FilmScanner Scanwit was the completeness of the kit.


There really is everything needed to get started in the box. The only additional items you need are a PC and a few slides or negatives!


In fact, if you already have a SCSI card with an external connector, Acer Color FilmScanner won't even have to do that. I've tested the Scanwit with Adaptec and cards, and an Advansys as well as Acer's own "Acard" interface, and the scanner worked perfectly with all of them.

You could easily have the scanner working within 30 minutes of opening the very big box that it comes in. Incidentally, because the scanner itself is a fairly Acer Color FilmScanner item and the film carriers are as long again, the Scanwit needs quite a large "footprint" to operate in. It fits quite nicely on the top of my midi-tower PC case, though.

Acer/BenQ ScanWit S Driver for Windows 10, macOS & more VueScan

Acer Color FilmScanner The Hardware My initial impression of the overall build quality of the Scanwit was good. The scanner itself is well made, and has a weighty and robust feel to it. It has a plated steel chassis with a nicely finished plastic casing, Acer Color FilmScanner there's a dust exclusion flap on the entry for the film carriers, but the carriers themselves are a bit of a let-down.

There are two carriers supplied, one for negatives and unmounted film strips, and one for mounted slides.

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