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Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader Driver

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Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader Driver

Fuelling the pursuit of technology knowledge Lead Feature The Final Frontier Billions of dollars spent on space research might not have taken us any further than our own Moon. But all thats about to change Lets take a look at how research in this field not only helps us travel to distant planets, but also improves things right here on Earth Robert Sovereign-Smith umans are, by nature, inquisitive. We want to learn, we want to invent, and most of all, we want to explore all possibilities.


Its this very quality of homo sapiens that has made us evolve from little tribes living on the banks of riverswielding sticks, worshipping fire and battling the elements to a six billion-strong society with the monstrous concrete jungles we call home, and the ability to fly off this planet! But why should we ever leave Earth? One popular science-fiction sci-fi solution for the fuel problem is to set up mining colonies on other planets, even on the uninhabitable ones, to bring back minerals and fuels to Earth.

And we dont mean from galaxies far, Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader away. We are looking at our neighbour Mars. But we actually know nothing about it. The only proper way to understand Mars is to go there ourselves, live there for a while, drill for minerals, explore However, the first hurdle we hit when we think of space travel, or more appropriately space exploration, is, how do we get there?

As with many things in life, we need technology to help us do this. The human body is fragile, and Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader some very basic conditions to be met in order to survivewhether in space or on Earth. Its as simple as providing air, food and water.

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But when it comes to space even this is difficult. In order to be able to travel in space, we need a lot more than engines and huge space cruisers. We need to have a plentiful supply of water, food, and oxygen, and we need to find ways to have enough of it on board our space vessels, with the ability to replenish our supplies.


But then again, sending huge loads of supplies into space require better and more efficient rocket propulsion systems When it comes to the computing technology required to explore space, its obvious that we need really good computing machines, capable of making gargantuan calculations and accounting for millions of variables with incredible precision. When we talk in terms of Problems We have explored the majority of our planet, and exploited it in every way.

What happens when we run out? Of fuel to burn, or real estate to live in? We cant manufacture oil; we havent found a replacement for it; we cant, or wont, even build cities underground, or underwater. We cant halt the population explosion either. If only there were another Earth!

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Solutions Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of suns, billions of planets, and a myriad of moons out there in space. There is life out there, and perhaps even intelligent life. Were fascinated by the idea of visiting other planets, and would love to meet an alien millions and billions of kilometres, the tiniest of errors in calculation could send ships hundreds of thousands of kilometres off course.

We also need technology to help us build ships that use minimal amounts of electric power, and are capable of running for really long durations without problemsthe last thing youd want to see when approaching Mars is Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader computer screen flashing a blue screen saying Fatal Exception Error! Conducting robotic exploration of Mars to search for evidence of life, and preparing for future human exploration Exploring asteroids, Jupiters moons, and other Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader to search for evidence of life, and resources Its patently visible that the US plans to spearhead the exploration of space, and has renewed its interest in doing so.

The interesting part of that paper was the emphasis on going back to the Moon! The Moon The very first step into space, and the finishline of one of humanitys biggest races, it is widely acknowledged that the Moon holds the key to further space exploration. Scientists have found traces of ice at the Moons poles.

These traces could well supply water to many missions of the future, and so, its obvious that its NASAs first priority. As mentioned in the US Presidents aims for space exploration, the words Robotic Space Program tell us that we will definitely use robots as the scouts, to precede humans in every exploration.

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NASA has great plans for robotsnot just the Mars Rover-type bots that explore and send back data to us, but much more complex robots that can and will build habitats and basic infrastructure for when the humans come. Yes, we know, that sounds like a great beginning for a sci-fi paperback, but perhaps thats because we really are making sci-fi a reality!

The plans, quite simply, are to set up a base on the Moon, from where we will be able to launch many missions to Mars and beyond. NASA already talks Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook Texas Instruments 7412 Card Reader robotic missions to Jupiters moons, and some of us might be lucky enough to witness such adventures in our lifetimes. NASA Space. The most successful space agency ever, NASA is the premier agency responsible for almost all space exploration and discoveries in recent times.

It is also the leading research agency for all things space-related. But what are they up to lately?

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