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Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK Driver

Acer, NC-EG75DNKK · Download. Acer, NC-EG1TMNKK · Download. Acer, NC-EG · Download. Acer, NC-E Acer Aspire EG1TMnss, E, EG1TMnkk, EG1TDnkk, EG50Dnkk, EG75Dnkk. Designed For: Acer Aspire EG50Mnkk, EG1TMnkk, EG1TMnkk, EG50Dnkk, EG75Dnkk.


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Supported systems: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK Driver

A benchmark list of many mobile graphics cards as well as details about the used games can be found in our FAQ section.

Acer's E proved to be a quiet companion when running MS Office programs and thus absolutely fulfills its purpose as a work laptop. The fluid bearing hard drive can hardly be audibly discerned from Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK noise sources.

It does not step out of line with The maximum measured temperatures remain below body temperature with The stress test, i. They are not covered when the device is Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK on the lap because they are on the outermost edge. They however would manage to fill a medium-sized room with sound.

A surround sound is never achieved. Dialogs in movies are well understood. We are basically dealing with typical laptop speakers that sound tinny and that are only a makeshift solution for audiophile people. Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK


Connecting external speakers is definitely advisable for a reasonable sound. Not as compelling is the review sample's consumption Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK 0. The standby consumption of 0.


It only consumes The Watt power supply is absolutely oversized in view of this, even when considering that the battery often has to be Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK on the side. The maximum possible runtime is ascertained using minimum screen brightness, disabled communication modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and energy-saving mode while the screen is Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK active and without any user interaction. Bluetooth is disabled for this test.

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The results: The E will manage most movies seeing that we ascertained a runtime of three hours and 27 minutes. Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK Samsung lasts longer with four hours and 22 minutes.


Lenovo Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK with three hours and seven minutes. The following settings are selected for the load test: Maximum brightness, enabled communication modules, screen permanently on, High-Performance profile.

The review sample lasted for two Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK and ten minutes here. The Samsung managed two hours and 20 minutes and the Lenovo only ran for one hour and nine minutes. The large, responsive touchpad alongside the well-implemented keyboard underline the device's suitability for the Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK field of use in the office.

More Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK programs like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 however push the system to its limits and lead to frequent work breaks. Graphically demanding games are out of the question.

The installed DVD burner can only be considered a gimmick because the laptop lacks power and above all an acceptable Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK for a Acer NC-E1-522-65206G75DNKK device. This finally brings us to the biggest drawback of Acer's E

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