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ARRI ALEXA Studio Digital Camera Driver

The Studio is a direct response to cinematographers' requests for a camera that perfectly combines cutting edge digital image-making with traditional elements. The Studio is a direct response to cinematographers requests for a camera that perfectly combines cutting edge digital image-making with traditional elements of. Camera Type, 35 format film-style digital camera with optical viewfinder, rotating mirror shutter, integrated shoulder arch, built-in support for the ARRI Wireless.


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ARRI ALEXA Studio Digital Camera Driver

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Matthew Allard is a multi-award-winning, ACS accredited freelance Director of Photography with 29 years' experience working in more than 50 countries around the world. He is the Editor of Newsshooter. Matthew is available to hire as a DP in Japan or for work anywhere else in the world.


Subscribe to our newsletter. The result was incredible; there was no need for Hollywood style lighting with a crane and backlights.


Yet the greenscreen idea was discarded immediately because the look of the film would have suffered. In the trunk were two actors, hiding from their pursuers.


One wall had been removed for the camera and the inside of the trunk was lit with a military-grade glow stick. The light coming from the glow stick was more than sufficient for ALEXA, which again stood out thanks to its light sensitivity.

Guardians was shot entirely at EIwith lenses from the Master Prime series. This helped ensure that neither the cast nor the crew had to spend more time than necessary out in the bitter cold.

And so the experienced camera team, knowing the required shutter speed when a gun was in the shot, quickly and effortlessly made the necessary changes. This action scene took up five of the ten shooting days scheduled for that set.

ALEXA Studio Digital Cinema Camera on on Vimeo

It was shot at 60 fps up to fps and the shutter speed was changed several times. Cranage was also impressed by the onset monitoring and grading capabilities. The material we were viewing already had the look that we had decided on during preproduction.

During a press conference in March, he presented 26 minutes of the film. These early versions include sound and music, as well as effects. The short turnaround times of workflows for digital recording technologies significantly expedited this process.

The impressive quality of the images at such an early stage is owed to the ALEXA camera system and its extremely ARRI ALEXA Studio Digital Camera sensitive image sensor, as well as to the on-set grading capabilities and the high quality digital dailies. Pictures Germany, will release Guardians theatrically on September 27, This lens, along with the rest of the Ultra Prime series and also the prestigious Master Prime range, is the result of an on-going collaboration with Carl Zeiss that has brought about some of the most high-performing and userfriendly cine lenses ever manufactured.

Arri Alexa Studio XT Camera - VER

The new Alura Zooms offer the same exceptional optical quality as the studio zooms but are lightweight and mobile, ARRI ALEXA Studio Digital Camera them ideal for handheld, Steadicam, 3D and action photography, and their compatibility with the ARRI Lens Data System allows valuable metadata to be utilized both on set and in post. The ArriRaw format along with the other recordable formats contains static and dynamic metadata.

These are stored in the header of the file and can be extracted with the free web tool metavisor [16] or with ARRI ALEXA Studio Digital Camera application Meta Extract provided by Arri. Of particular importance for visual effects are the lens metadata, which are stored only when Arri's lens data system LDS is supported by the lens used. According to cinematographer Roger Deakinsthe Alexa's tonal rangecolor space and latitude exceed the capabilities of film.

ARRI Alexa SXT Studio Camera Body (LDS PL) K B&H Photo

Due to the camera's simplicity of use and high image quality, several network television shows have been shot with the Alexa. Includes a flip in ND 0. Accepts 8x and 10x eyepieces, eyepiece extensions and heated eyecups. Not compatible with Lite Universal Eyepiece.

For OVF However, the actual frameline dimensions are different, so for a precise alignment of framelines and captured pixels only ALEXA Studio ground glasses and frameglow masks are recommended. Control Camera right:

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