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RTD Enhanced Flash BIOS The M is available in commercial, . ADLINK Technology has released the NuPROA, a PICMG full-. "Cooling Type - Spray Cooled, BIOS - BIOS pre-loaded in SPI Flash, Cooling - "" Adlink NuPRO Series Socket 7 CPU Board with Full-size Low Power. Complete Battery Management Solution Rich Embedded BIOS Features Automatic Flat Based on the ATI M9 graphics processor, the new M Multi-standard the NuPROA from Adlink is specifically designed for high-performance.


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NuPRO SBCs ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 the results of years of hardwork and accumulated experience derived from ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590, highly optimized embedded computer designs that were successfully implemented in the past. With this wealth of experience and database of proven ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590, the substantial cost savings obtained has always been passed down to our partners, thus reflecting our commitment to make the NuPRO series affordable.

Two key elements instrumental in this blueprint for success has been our constant focus on the Intel Embedded Architecture and through the delivering of a wide spectrum of solutions to cover the various industries. The beginning of this phenomenon started with COM Express, which distinguished itself from other designs that essentially represented ever smaller miniaturized motherboards.


Since many of the latest processors include some pretty good graphics engines, this means the processor, chipset and memory and storage can be kept on one ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 while the developer concentrates on the value-added aspects of the application. Well, it ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 certainly an idea that has caught on. With the arrival of computationally powerful but low power consuming processors such as those from VIA and the Intel Atom family, a wide variety of computer-on-module COM form factors has been springing up like mushrooms in ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 damp basement.

While they are all touting their compact size, it does not appear that the exact small size and shape differences among them are the true distinguishing factors. The real differentiation between many of these designs seems to be among the connectors that mate the COM module to the underlying carrier board and the signals these connectors support.

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On the surface, the idea of COM Express was pretty straightforward: Even different processor architectures could be used as long as they supported the standard signal set. Then a family of products could be designed by concentrating on the underlying application-specific carrier board.

Ah, but which signals? Gee there sure are a lot of them to choose from.

Single Board Computers

And geniuses out there are coming up with new and faster interfaces all the time. The idea is to optimize the design of the carrier board in terms of size, cost and power consump- tion. Often these considerations will be modified by the expected volume.

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ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 are now even some generic varieties of carrier cards coming on the market that target different application areas and which ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 be attractive for lower volume designs. This should actually not be too surprising given the vast number of differing requirements for embedded applications. Now, I confess I have not read all these specs in detail and do not know off the top of my head whether that specific combination is actually available.

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The Kontron AM AdvancedMC processor module is highly integrated and available in both mid-size and full-size form factors. Kontron, Poway, CA.


The system platform features side-to-side cooling via plug-in fan trays with dual CFM fans with PWM pulse width modulation control. The 5U ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 offers dual W AC power supplies and dual shelf managers, which are all front pluggable above the card cage. DC power versions are also available.


A unique 5-slot ATCA backplane provides specially placed connectors for pluggability. A 6-slot backplane is also optional in certain configurations.

For serviceability, the filter tray and fan tray are separately removable. Elma Electronic, Fremont, CA. The LTC integrates a switching PowerPath manager, a stand-alone battery charger, ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 LDO and four high-efficiency synchronous switching regulators: The LTC is available in a compact, low-profile 0.

Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA. Offering one or two serial ADLINK BIOS NuPRO-590 that are software configurable for RS, RS, or RS, the adapters eliminate the need to open the enclosure to change jumper settings or dipswitches.

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