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B&B 232BSS4 Driver

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B&B 232BSS4 Driver

Instruction Manual 3.

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Page 9: Chapter 2: B&B 232BSS4 Smart Switch Only Mode Thus the command sequence would look like: Char3 would only be sent if the BSS4 was set B&B 232BSS4 for a four character command. Page 13 The Slave port that is sending to the Master is not affected.

The lowest four bits of B&B 232BSS4 control byte tell the BSS4 which ports should receive the following data. Page 14 Slave port buffers before it is sent to the Master.

Page 15 15 or 79 Note: The B&B 232BSS4 ignores the upper 4 B&B 232BSS4 of the control byte. If the Master device is incapable of sending characters outside the printable ASCII range, decimal 64 can be added to each of the control bytes and the switch will operate properly. Page 16 Note that these procedures are not needed if the binary file will be transferred B&B 232BSS4 the Slave devices to the Master device.

No switching commands are used in the BSS4 with data from this direction, so no inadvertent switching can occur. This option is enabled through the setup software. This method is useful if the length of the binary file transfers are not known.


The Port Time and Inactivity Time tell the BSS4 how much time to spend on each port, and how long a port must be B&B 232BSS4 before switching to the next port. Page 19 B&B 232BSS4 the specified Port Time has elapsed, the BSS4 checks in sequence for other Slave ports with buffered data and switches to them. If no other Slave ports need access to the Master, the current Slave port will again be connected until another Port Time has elapsed.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Set up the ports on the BSS4 to match the data format of the connected devices. If the Slave devices stream data, the Master port should be set to a higher baud rate than the slaves. Note that in Back to Back operation the BSS4 Master ports B&B 232BSS4 normally be connected to either the B&B 232BSS4 port of another switch or some type of modem. Cascading Multiple Switches If you have more than four devices that are sending data, more than one BSS4 can be cascaded, allowing more ports to be added.

The BSS4 buffers data from all ports at once, making it well suited B&B 232BSS4 devices that will send a fixed amount of data at sporadic intervals, such as measurement instruments, security access card readers, barcode B&B 232BSS4, or time clocks.

Automatic Serial Data Collections - B&B Electronics

Page 23 PC should be written to recognize this preamble as an address or identifier of the data source. USB Cables. Cable Accessories.


Surge Protection. Serial Converters.

Serial Data Switches

PC Cards. Serial Accessories. Heavy Duty Vehicle Converters. USB 3.


USB 2. USB Isolators.

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