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Following the adoption of the Sierra Leone Arms and Ammunition Act in August , AOAV has been working with SLeNCSA to assist in the implementation of. Youth Justice in Action (YJIA) Campaign is aimed at improving the conditions and prospect of young people in conflict with the law by effecting positive changes. The Trump administration may begin the formal process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement as early as this Fall. The Climate Action Now Act.


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Take Action - Sierra Forest Legacy

It helped to create a large cohort of unemployed and barely literate young people in rural Sierra Leone, who ACTION ACT SIERRA easily conscripted by both political and criminal organisations. Many commentators highlight the continuing presence of the drivers of the conflict in contemporary Sierra Leone.

It is estimated that approximatelypeople died as a result of the conflict 27, as a direct result of violence. An additional 4, people had their limbs deliberately amputated, and ACTION ACT SIERRA, women may have been victims of sexual violence. The war ACTION ACT SIERRA enormously destructive to a country already in economic and social crisis, destroying infrastructure and government services, especially in rural areas.

Sierra Leone AOAV

However, Sierra Leone has made substantial progress in the ACTION ACT SIERRA years since the war ended, including improvements to life expectancy at birth, under-five mortality rate, and GDP. In Sierra Leone held its third peaceful election since the end of the war.

The LCAA has turned a largely unenforced policy by the same name into a ACTION ACT SIERRA set of obligations. It requires companies to provide much more specific detail about potential employment than they currently do. ACTION ACT SIERRA must also provide information about anticipated skills shortages, training requirements, actual and likely expenditure for skills training and a timeline for employment.

Those who are concerned about the negative impacts of mining on the environment believe that local ownership could lead to greater care in resource exploitation and more responsible corporate behaviour. Only time will tell.

Take Action

Under the act, agriculture companies would also be required to establish and support out-growers schemes for smallholder farmers and to transfer knowledge and technology to help build the revenue base of small and medium farmers in rural areas. The law also makes ACTION ACT SIERRA compulsory for local products to be used in manufacturing and processing.


This means that sorghum, which many small farmers now grow, would be ACTION ACT SIERRA by the beer industry and locally produced oil palm used in industrial soap production. Small scale farmers like Idrissa will no longer have to lease out all their land to corporations.

They now have a choice. This law provides an opportunity for Idrissa to become an entrepreneur instead of just an employee. At about the same time last year, parliament also enacted the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency ACTION ACT SIERRA SMEDAA which aims to create an environment within which out-growers and other small and medium businesses could thrive.

The aim ACTION ACT SIERRA to provide market access, credit facilities, access to technologies and improved commercial practices among others for these businesses.

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These types of assistance would be crucial for small and medium vegetable, fruit and livestock enterprises, for example, to become viable, alternative business models. Both legislation lay the foundation for real economic empowerment of the rural population which has borne the brunt of the consequences ACTION ACT SIERRA big land investments, but seen few positive returns.


The challenge now remains how to convert these legal changes into practical economic reality for rural folks. Companies will likely balk at these new rules. It will require a combination of efforts to ensure that these laws come to life.


Paralegal organisations like ACTION ACT SIERRA can help provide legal education to rural communities and help them craft agreements that reflect these new provisions in the law. Where necessary we will also need to support communities in enforcing compliance by corporations. But it is additionally important that the responsible government agencies are adequately resourced, accessible to all citizens and able to carry out their mandates effectively.

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